Refund Policy

Emergency Delay or Cancellation:

I acknowledge that Splat Quack GO, trading as UKGE Limited at its sole discretion may delay, modify, or cancel this event if conditions or natural or man-made emergencies make administering or holding this event unreasonably difficult or unsafe.  I agree that “emergency” includes but is not limited to:  high wind, extreme rain, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, terrorism, fire, threatened or actual strike, labour difficulty, financial problems, insurrection, war, public disaster, and/or unavoidable casualty.


I acknowledge that this event fee and associated costs (including optional product purchases, spectator tickets, and donations) are non-refundable, including in circumstances where I am unable to attend due to illness or injury or a scheduling conflict, unless: 1) Splat Quack GO cancels or materially delays or alters this event, 2) Splat Quack GO makes a significant change to the Venue, or 3) Splat Quack GO changes the date of this event so that I am no longer able to attend.

In circumstances (1), (2) or (3) above, Splat Quack GO may offer me the right to attend a different Splat Quack GO event in the UK at no additional charge (and if I agree to this, I shall not be entitled to any refund). Alternatively Splat Quack GO may issue me with a refund of my event fee at Splat Quack GO sole discretion acting reasonably. Refunds can take several months to process and Splat Quack GO are under no obligation to offer refunds within any specific time frame, however it can take up to 12 months in certain circumstances to fully process refunds on a mass scale. Refunds generally are carried out manually by Splat Quack GO, trading as UKGE Limited staff, so rude, offensive or objectionable emails will not speed up the process or make a refund more likely – they will in fact do the opposite. Any particularly unpleasant correspondence will result in no further communication from Splat Quack GO, and no refund.

If I am unable to attend a Splat Quack GO event because I have been called to active military duty and I can provide official documentation regarding my deployment which conflicts with my participation in the Splat Quack GO event, Splat Quack GO may (but is not obliged to) issue me with a refund of my event fee.

After an event, no refunds will be issued for any circumstances, including (but not limited to) obstacle closures or malfunctions, queues at obstacles or in the runners’ village, route markings, illness or injury, or any other reason for general dissatisfaction.